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Good Evening!

Every day the situation gets a little more real. Sharing more of myself, my heart, and opening myself up. I’m going to explain a few of the many questions that I’ve been asked. First, what is my goal? Second, do I think I can change anything? Third, how far am I willing to go?

First I will say there’s absolutely no way I could afford financially, mentally, or morally to go forward without all of the heartfelt, and overwhelming support from all of you. Thanks again! I would love to thank each and everyone personally and God willing, I will be able to at some point. Right now I’m pretty busy lining up the future with heart and diligence. I will say sometimes it feels like my situation is spinning pretty fast. I do know I can’t and won’t stop. I feel as many of you do, our country/freedom/constitution are being changed/twisted, but most of all taken from us. That is not America! Only together, are we going to be able to stand strong for what is right. Every few days something new is tossed into this. Love the BOLO... Be On The Lookout. Daimler has this posted in all guard shack’s and in headquarters. I’ve been charged with a misdemeanor (unlawful trespassing). I've been convicted of nothing! Not sure that charge merits a corporate wide BOLO. When one of the drivers, guards, or someone from the plant shared this with me (I can’t say who because they are concerned about retaliation from Daimler Corp) it brought this fight for Americans to a new level. Because I exercised my first amendment right to peacefully, proudly, and honorably, take a stand, Daimler has felt comfortable to not only be the judge, but also the jury and now the executioner. (Political power and agendas are turning this country into a third world. Attacking those that speak out, demoralizing our values, and ignoring our constitutional rights) They are a prime example of these such actions, which is why I’m going to expose them, both in the media and the courts. It's time to expose how corporations are aligned with such unAmerican agendas. But please understand it is not that these alignments are out of common values, they are for pure greed and power. As their profits keep growing they continue to negotiate to take away more and more from the hard working class Americans, which I am a part of. Being an employee for 26 years I have visited all their facilities from Portland to North Carolina and many of the vendors that supply Daimler. I have had many people that I have built friendships and relationships reach out to me and ask me to please stand up and stand strong for what is right and for their voice. They are contributing to my legal fund, sending letters of support, and prayers. So now here we are in the most amazing journey to give the voice back to “We the People.” This is our America! The platform for our voice has been built in the political arena but now the corporate vs the working class American is taking shape. With all the support right from the beginning it gave me the strength and heart to plead NOT GUILTY, which I believe will happen on April 15th. With your continued support, I am going to pursue my unfounded illegal termination from Daimler. I can’t share much right now…. but let's show corporate America that the working class DOES have a voice. I pray we flip the momentum back to America, land of the free, home of the brave.

Second question, do I think I can change anything? Answer... absolutely not. The word can and does not exist in this. The words are “We” “Us” and “Our” with those words then Yes! Yes! Yes! I believe with all my heart that we can and will pursue our rights, our voice, our constitution for the betterment of the US. So I am asking all of those who believe in this amazing country, that have asked that question, to join “us” “we” and “our” in this fight for our Freedom For ALL. (please jump in to the convoy, truck driver talk but not Daimler) as we grab some gear, gain some momentum and speed, rolling across this country to spread and grow. We’ll make a pitstop in DC to honorably, peacefully, but most of all with love to win my case. As the video will show, I peacefully practiced my first Amendment right. Not only that, I picked up property that had been knocked down and stopped some of the destruction. I made a plea to America, not guilty! Then I say we keep rolling through America and support Americans where support is needed.

Number three, how far am I willing to go? I am willing to go and go and go with the support of all of you, until we bring America back to stand for the flag not to burn it, to be able to go to church instead of Walmart, to send our kids to school and to be able to practice our American rights given by the constitution which this entire country was founded upon.

The final thing I wanted to share with you… I don't want to give any group or person the fuel to call our mission racist, religious, or anything other than American. You’ll hear me ask for prayers regularly. Repeatedly I will share how blessed I am, etc. I will proudly and freely share that Jesus Christ is the son of God and the Holy Spirit is my superpower. But that is my freedom and it might not be yours. That is absolutely OK. It doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat Or Republican. It doesn’t matter if you are white, black, brown or anything else. This country was created and built on immigrants but legal immigrants. When one persons freedom infringes on another's freedom, that’s when it’s no longer freedom it is dictatorship, socialism, communism. America is meant to mean freedom. Let’s not let it be taken from us under the lies of equality, sensitivity, defunding the police, etc. Let us be transparent in ALL. Protect our freedoms, EVERYONES, but not let our standards, values, morals or rights be taken from us. Please help me tell our children we are proud to be Americans. Because we truly help any other country more than anyone we should not be ashamed of our amazing America.

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