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Are you a Lion or a Sheep?

I’m sure everyone has heard or read or seen by now that some new photos that had been deleted from my phone that were obtained by the FBI when I got arrested have somehow mysteriously come to the surface. Really is that all you have FBI, it is almost humorous. Not only is it to attack myself by calling me a racist/white supremacy/Proud Boys/3% or any other organization but they have stoop to a low of arresting and charging my son. First of all let me squash the racist white supremacy theory, anyone who knows me as I have lived in battleground for over 40 years absolutely knows that there is no one I would not lend a hand to or help out. So when we are getting calls or text messages from people saying wow I can’t believe Jeff was throwing up that white supremacy sign. So for any one of you who have texted or called you are WEAK and that is exactly what is wrong with this country. You look at the media, you listen to the media and you make judgment. You complain about the left constantly but are so quick to throw somebody under the bus that is willing to stand up. And if that is how you feel good PLEASE remove yourself from my media platform. How about maybe they really didn’t like me saying God bless America in the rotunda??? Whatever tactics and straws they are grasping at they’re not going to work. Once again for the record I am an American, God loving, constitution believing, patriot who will stand. I am not going to quit and I’m still going to plead not guilty. As for them saying I am a liar for not throwing my son under the bus and dragging him down this sickening road is not a liar it is a DAD/BROTHER . I’m sure they can and will hold me accountable for that because there really is nothing else that I have done illegal. Look at the video of the capital policeman saying come on in and peacefully protest. Picking stuff up and taking a weapon away really sounds like a scary guy to me. But I have my family’s back 150% so I have to say I would handle the situation the exact same way. I guess it is true how the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Wondering if I would’ve taken a plea in the beginning any of this would’ve come up. Probably not but hey I’m not a quitter. I will stand up for what is right. God bless America. And once again it is OUR HOUSE

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