Attorney Update

Good morning, I hope everyone is doing well. There has been a turn of events that I wanted to share. The attorney that I had retained and felt comfortable with taking this as far as possible, I will admit he struggled with my NOT GUILTY stance over taking a plea, will not be able to represent me in DC due to a legality that he can not change. At first I thought... Oh Crap! But after once again, giving it to God, He made me realize this is part of the plan, His plan. There were options that I had. The one that he recommended was to keep him and hire a DC attorney for all the legal court stuff but let him do all the legwork because his rate is half of the attorney in DC. This would make my legal expense jump drastically. After much thought and prayer, I/we decided I would get all documents that my attorney had and move forward in DC without him.

First I’d like to share that if I would have known that he would not be able to represent me in DC, then I probably would not have retained him; he must not have known exactly how DC works. Second after letting him know my decision, he notified the public defender in DC that he was no longer defending me, he did not explain why, nor did he let me know who I needed to contact in DC for a full week. Why?? I am only sharing this to be transparent with you as I stated from the beginning of this journey. Transparency is something our new administration knows nothing about. That being said I have no complaints with the attorney here and will be jumping into DC tomorrow.

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