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Capitol Police says.....what?

Hey everybody good afternoon,

Check it out :-). There is NOW a video out there that is being shared (X22 REPORT Ep 2480B between min. 25 and 26) A video that will SHUT DOWN the lies of a so-called insurrection riot on January 6th. Thanks to a true patriot who brought this to my attention. This is exactly why UNITED WE STAND. The video is of January 6th and shares exactly what happened where the Capitol police officers told people that they are welcome to come in under the first amendment right and peacefully protest. I believe that is EXACTLY what I did and EXACTLY why I pleaded not guilty. Maybe this is also why my next court date has not been assigned yet….. After I pled not guilty they told me my next court date would be in June, but gave me no date. When I make my call to DC every week they ask if I have been assigned a court date yet, I say nope and they can’t find one??? What a bunch of crap. We the people are standing and more and more lies from the liberal left are being exposed. Also a bit of trivia I learned today from a brother, he shared that the left and right are biblical. When One is aligned with God you stand on the right side. The sheep were on the right and if we bring that to our politics the right is starting to shine and the lies and deceit from the left are being exposed. Now I’m going to reach back out to channel 6 and channel 2 and see if they will come back out to the house for another interview. I will definitely share our email correspondence.

Hey Daimler I hope you’re listening and watching because I am and as soon as I am done getting this garbage dropped in DC I’m going to spend a lot more time exposing just what kind of corporate organization you are. I will happily stand in front of your corporation waving signs for all to see what you are really about. I will not be alone either. I will have the support of my family and my fellow American patriots. You might believe you have the right to fire anybody, for anything, but you don’t.


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