Corporate Vs. America

Time for things to start rolling.... I am now going to be sharing with the media. I have contacted the ones that had initially reached out to me in the beginning, as well as a few others. The rose colored glasses have come off and I am seeing things through open eyes. There is so much to what is going on in our country it makes my head spin. Daimler, my former employer, for example….. You will see in the photos I shared with this blog a Daimler executive planting a tree surrounded by onlookers clearly supporting this Earth/community friendly media event. (This tree planting program is part of a sponsorship with the Blazers.) A clear media stunt, their motives are made very clear throughout the article. “We also wanted Blazer fans to know us as a good corporate citizen who makes a difference in the community.” “We needed an impactful presence alongside the Blazers that would raise awareness of our rather obscure corporate brand…” Ok so this wonderful tree planting event, pictured next to the other photo I attached headline reading “Daimler AG to pay 1.5 billion settle emissions cheating probes.” “The U.S. Department of Justice, Environmental Protection Agency and the California attorney general’s office say Daimler violated environmental laws by using so-called “defeat device software” to circumvent emissions testing and sold about 250,000 cars and vans in the U.S. with diesel engines that didn’t comply with state and federal laws.” Hmm….The two sure don’t seem to go together.

Also I found the Glenn Beck podcast episode 101 featuring Richard Grenell, who was the director of national intelligence, (between minutes 8:45-11:00). In discussing intelligence and the risk of Chinese intelligence, he references corporations such as Daimler who are needing to break into a new market. They want to be in China. There is strong pressure from such corporations that goes against US and European Allies advice. OK OK OK... then what is happening to me makes sense. Daimler Jekyll/Hyde? Tree planting one minute, emissions cheating the next, pushing into China…. an American Patriot loud and proud does not fit the agenda. Daimler gives an impression that they truly care but are really just another greed hungry, power thirsty corporation, willing to cast aside hard working loyal American employees for which their company has been built on. Wow! I will keep digging. I am sure that this is not all there is to be discovered and I know I am not the only one who this injustice has happened to. But I do know that I am willing to stand and fight. I will not be cast aside quietly. I will be heard! I want your voice to be heard as well.

Hey thanks for reading, following and sharing. Please shout this, we need to grow! God bless America, it is Our House!

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