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DC Zoom Hearing

Good afternoon, I had gotten a phone call from my attorney in DC Sunday stating that the judge that has my case wanted to have a hearing Monday 3:30 PM their time. After a bit of trouble trying to get connected into the zoom meeting which was due to my ignorance on computers I believe it took a total time of 15 to 20 minutes to complete. The formal charges were read to me and then my attorney pleaded NOT GUILTY and they set up another trial day in June. The judge asked the prosecuting attorney if all these charges were misdemeanors and she said yes at the present time. That was the part I kind of scratched my head on? Are they going to feed my charges some liberal propaganda and they will grow into a felony??? Anyway I have enclosed the charges so you can read them. Sounds like a pretty scary person to me….NOT. Daimler trucks North America should probably update that BOLO…. NOT. Anyway just wanted to share with you guys.

Besides the confusion around my charges… a few other things are pretty interesting that I have seen going on, people that have been vaccinated getting Covid, Bill Gates purchasing so much land in the Midwest on a river, Maxine injecting herself into the public trial trying to rally up more hate and demise between Americans. And even after a guilty verdict on all three counts people still breaking windows, lighting fires, blocking streets, etc. I guess that’s a peaceful protest and what I did in the capitol an insurrection/riot. Last but not least President Biden‘s continuous blunders that get ignored by the media, the administration, and for that matter the country. I would love to see him go through a cognitive test or like President Trump had to constantly share his medical status. Who/where the heck are President Biden‘s doctors.??? It’s like a game of Where’s Waldo LOL. Anyways have a great rest of your week!

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