Deceit and Fear

Just thinking, as my wife Debbie and I are running around together, doing some errand. We stopped and took our dogs Lucy and Lola, one and a half-year-old miniature Australian Shepherds, to run at the local high school as it was Saturday. First, I always clean up after my dogs. I figure that my taxes go to fund this high school. Unfortunately they are not received by whom the $$ went for…. OUR CHILDREN. Look at these pictures and let me know what part of this is OK? It’s not OK! Our children are hurting. I don’t think there is a parent out there who doesn’t agree, our children are the ones being lost in all this. They say the situation is temporary. Really? Then how come it’s being used to disrupt the American way. Look at it printed in paint….. this is not temporary! We are being forced to comply under the deceit of fear. Fear of who; our government, the left, China, who? Where did freedom go in this?

United we stand but divided we fall. Please stand united with us in my pledge to stand strong for America, our constitution, our freedom for all, our NORMAL, etc. I will honorably carry the flag to DC with my not guilty plea. I can do nothing without you… but together we can do it all! Let’s do this! Feel free to share with me your voices so I can productively STAND to support all of us, for the future “our children” and because the capital is OUR HOUSE! America is OUR HOUSE! Land of the FREE home of the BRAVE!

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