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From Homeland Security....

Just wanted to share with everyone things are slowing down a bit, I’m starting to feel almost like normal. Well I was and then once again...... SURPRISE. May 1 I got a certified letter I had to sign for. (Of course I’m going to fight this, just another twist of the truth but a part of the narrative being told) A letter from the department of homeland security stating they are going to revoke or let me restate that try to revoke my hazardous material endorsement from my CDL commercial drivers license. It is one of the endorsements required by several trucking companies, stating that I have had background checks, not a felon and then a test so that I am able to pretty much haul anything in a big truck. I have gone ahead and I am following their procedures to get all the information and how to fight it. This falls in line with the narrative of January 6th. It is pretty much putting me in the Domestic Terrorist category to revoke that. Seriously, Domestic Terrorist! Wow, I have to say that was a surprise. It makes me wonder if this would’ve happened if I would’ve rolled over like a whipped dog in the beginning and

begged for a plea...... hmmmm. If I look at this logistically, that is just one step closer to them trying to take my weapons. A little bit scary! But I am so thankful to have so much support from God loving, gun toting American patriots. I believe if for some reason I did have to relinquish my weapons, you American patriots would have my back. Wishing you all a wonderful day and I will keep you updated on this.

God Bless America.

United We Stand because it is


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