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Gaining Momentum. A quick update with more to come..

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of keeping you updated. I have been extremely busy and have much to share. I try to keep updates on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. I got back from Phoenix and three days later left for California. Ended up doing three interviews, getting prayed over and feeling much love from all the support from the kind American God loving people in Fresno/Clovis/Kingsburg area. I will be back. Was able to share and grow with many. I had a zoom court meeting while I was down there and go figure, looking at my attorney the prosecuting attorney and the judge on the zoom and in pops my son. I said “hey son,” he said “hey dad” and I said “fancy meeting you here” lol. How do they believe that is OK to surprise us by putting us both in the same court, the same day, same time. We both listened to each other‘s cases, it was wrong. Since then I have called out my attorney who still has a hard time getting back to me. After a very great trip down there, came back to Battle Ground to support a pastor from Canada who had his church shut down and had been arrested for not following mask mandates. He came here to share a story in Portland. Antifa said they were going to shut him down. There were a bunch of local men not affiliated to any group that went to support for security. Wow wow wow did that turn into a ****show. We ended up showing up 15 minutes late and by the time we got there antifa had pepper sprayed, flash bang grenades the crowds with women and children. You can see all the footage on our Facebook/Instagram/tik-tok. By the time we got there we were able to regroup and effectively secure the environment so he was able to speak with no concern for safety. Antifa taunted and harassed us constantly and tried to work their way up to the stage. They did not succeed. As we were leaving antifa followed us and ran around the corner and sprayed us with bear mace. Thank heavens one of our members had a paintball gun and was able to suppress the attack. We were able to climb in a pick up and wow wow wow that picture of me in the truck has cost me calls from the prosecuting attorney, my attorney, and two news feeds. I am labeled with the Proud Boys/Militia/ extreme right wing that attacked counter protesters. Please watch the videos we have shared. The lying left will stoop to the new low of a snake. I made it back on TV and several newsfeeds and now DC is requesting me to relinquish my Second Amendment rights until my DC case is over. Screw you DC. I have done nothing wrong. I protected people with no collateral damage. I have been an MP and carried a personal weapon for over 40 years. I have never drawn my weapon or threatened anyone with it. I will not roll over for anything. They are trying to take our rights and yes all of our rights away one step at a time. We cannot let this happen. I will stand strong. Tomorrow I will give another update of what happened after that. Has been a very busy four days. Thank you all and may God bless you and it is OUR HOUSE🇺🇸🇺🇸

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