I guess it's official....

Good evening all. Well, I guess this makes it official to say the least. Was outside playing with the dogs and one of my grandsons when the Fed Ex van rolled up. Told me he had a verified delivery from Daimler Trucks North America. All my belongings that were in the semi truck that was assigned to me, boxed up in these boxes. Once again a very disheartening feeling.

It is still hard to believe what has taken place since the 6th. In my defense after watching city after city being destroyed, burned down, and over ran…. Our flag burned so many times, there is a line! A line must be drawn. When is it enough? Portland was a beautiful city that was fun to visit, shop and eat dinner out, but I no longer will go there and I definitely will not take my wife there because 90% of my clothing has a flag, something patriotic or shows my support of law enforcement. I figured it is smart to avoid it so I don't subject myself to nasty remarks, bitter looks or even someone looking at me and then spitting on the ground. I guess I could put on a generic t-shirt, look at the ground and go about my business, but that is not me. I have no intention of causing any issues but I proudly support our beautiful country and the freedom that it stands for. What I believe people are missing is that it says “Liberty and Justice for ALL.” So to be accused of a crime, when what I did in the capitol was pick things up and try to deter destruction…. To be terminated from my job of 26 years at Daimler Trucks North America. What part of America does DTNA not get? It is hard for me to grasp. With all the support I have received I feel very secure in standing for what is right. I will honorably carry my voice, your voice, and the constitution to OUR HOUSE. I will not stop and have no problem taking whatever comes my way. I will not kneel for anybody other than God. We will not cower from the agendas that take our rights, compromise our values, or anything that can hurt all those who have given so much for America. United We Stand! God Bless America!

Thank you again for your unwavering (like our flag) support! We can do this! Like always please continue to include us in your prayers, as you (my fellow Americans) are in ours, share our story and donate.


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