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It's a smoke show....

Hey, check it out. It is “OUR HOUSE”. All that smoke is what the liberals are stuffing down our throats and blinding us with to take our attention away from their socialist agenda. SCARY!!!! The left continues to divide us and now they don’t even try to hide the lies they feed us. For example the current hot issue in the media. Police shootings. Particularly police shootings of people of color. A statement was made that this didn’t happen 40 or 50 years ago. The reason it didn’t happen is because when the police told you to put your hands up, everybody did it. When they told you to quit resisting arrest, everybody did it. When they told you to lie on the ground, everybody did it. Those that didn’t, face the repercussions and consequences of their actions. Everyday Police Officers put on their uniforms to protect and serve their community and in doing so they put their lives on the line. Which is why I have so much respect for all law enforcement. The real issue is what shootings the media decides to publicise. A narrative is created. People of every race, religion, and age encounter police officers everyday, we just hear about the ones that make the most divisive headlines and generally do not include all the facts. If the act was racist, biased or unfair then whoever will be able to share it with the media and in court the proper way, like I’m going to do. It’s about accountability. Like I said I’m being held accountable for my charges. Is the media being held accountable? Is the new joke-of-a-government administration being held accountable for all the lies?? Is it OK for them to decide to stuff the courts with more supreme court justices? What happened to the thing we call the constitution? It is being disrespected by so many with utter disregard for those who have died for it. Like I said on Facebook, I am willing to stand up with Americans, are you?? Being a long haul truck driver for 38 years I don’t know the proper avenue to make America be heard. The real America, not this crap all over CNN, NBC, and 90% of the media. I am so tired of hearing “When they come to my door for my guns I will stand,” or “What can we do,” Or “We are supposed to be in God and let God change things.” Well I’m a believer God gave us a brain, common sense, a heart and a true conviction for what is right. So someone who has some knowledge on the proper way to reach more people and effectively stand up to get rid of all this anti-America crap please private message me as I am willing to stand for America, our rights, our constitution, our families but most of all our God. Thanks for reading my rant as it sickens me to watch all this stuff that is not OK.

And hey the picture of the smoke on the back window of my forerunner was for this blog and the other picture was bragging rights of a supercharged forerunner.

Have a great week coming up. God bless all and God bless America!

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