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Late on the update, but here it is!

Hey everybody, so sorry for the later update. Fortunately I have been so extremely busy that it is a true blessing. I went to an event on Tuesday that was in support of no mask/not OK to have a homeless person 8 feet from your front door on your property/increase taxes at restaurants to pay for homeless tents not so much :-). What the heck Portland Oregon. Wheeler you are a joke and such poor representation for the great state of Oregon. You need to be ousted along with Inslee from Washington and Newsom from California. No wonder most of the Illegal immigrants come across the border and head to the West Coast because there are so many sanctuary cities. Not OK not OK not OK. But at this event which antifa promised to shut down, I was there with another patriot and please don’t say we are aligned with anybody other than America. Anyway, we were sitting back about 50 feet behind an undercover explorer which I have shared pictures with on my YouTube Facebook Instagram etc. there were four people inside the car. One of them got out, went to the back, opened the trunk, got a bottle of water and in the trunk you could see a plate carrier with ATF on it. Wow, when did the feds start responding to a peaceful protest against masks? Is there something underlying? Of course there is. So anyways, he gets back in his car and two antifa start walking in our direction. They got about 50 feet away and cackled for a few minutes like hyenas/cowards. They turned around and regrouped and then between 10 and 14 started walking in our direction. The lead loser looked at the undercover car and waved his hand in a go away gesture and guess what the car left. I saw with my own eyes and I’m not accusing anyone but it definitely looks suspicious. Wondering if that is why they are saying they don’t want to expose FBI agents in the rotunda if I share my discovery that is not ATF that is WTF LOL. So needless to say we left. Then on Thursday when I went to feed the homeless I got an email from my pre-trial check in, stating that I was to surrender all my weapons to local police effective the next day. I went and surrendered my weapons to Battleground PD who were very professional and kind. I am going, “wow” for misdemeanors! You now are taking my second amendment away from me. Probably not so much. Maybe because I will not lay down, I will not cower, and I will not kneel to anyone but God. You could see all this in our YouTube‘s Facebook Instagram and TikTok. Going to finish this blog with a positive attitude. Spent Sunday embracing an event for back the blue hosted by congressional candidate, Joe Kent. Was absolutely amazing and filled my tank full again. Shared and visited with so many amazing Americans I am proud to say I align with. The support for us was overwhelming and I can’t thank everyone enough for all the prayers and support with kind words, messages, purchasing gear and everything. God bless America. We are taking it back. Don’t ever forget it is OUR HOUSE ❤️🇺🇸

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