Let's Back Track....

After looking at my B.O.L.O picture DTNA/freightliner distributed again…. I thought I would share what happened on the evening of the 9th, the day before I was terminated. I was in town with my wife getting some groceries, a conversation about work came up and she asked if I had heard anything from work. I said, “nope” not from Daimler, the Union, or shop stewards for two days. (I had called and text all of the above several times requesting contact to find out what was going on). She said “weird” we should go down to the truck yard and get your personal property out of their semi. As it was evening there would be less people there. Employees have 24 hour access. I said, “Good idea. Let’s go.” Debbie decided she would video in case something happened because there has been no contact. Sure glad she did!

As I pulled onto Daimler property and proceeded through the open gate, the guard came running out of the gate shack and yelled stop. He was not aggressive at all. I stopped and asked, “What’s Up?” At that time, I was told I was banned from company property and that I needed to back up and off of the property. I told him I was here to retrieve my personal belongings, GPS, bedding, fridge, clothes, etc. He said, “Nope.” I told him to call the police and they could get my stuff and he said, “Nope.” “Terry” told him to call the police if I would not leave. I asked if he would get my stuff and he said, “Nope.” So I ended up driving to a 7-Eleven where I sent “Terry“ a text telling him what happened and that I would be back at 10 AM to pick up my letter of employment which was required by DC court for my current case. No return call or text. At approximately 9 AM the following morning, the 10th, I received a call from “Chris,” human resources, and was told that I was terminated and I would receive a written letter that day. The “funny” part about this is, my trucking partner had been contacted by the union local 81 Tom Strickland and asked if he could go down to retrieve my belongings. He knew before I did! Wow! Is the union supporting Daimler, not a paying member? I will follow through with them later. How is this OK??? Corruption all the way around. From shop stewards to supervision to HR to union local 81. I got it. Being a patriot must be a sin for Daimler and Local 81.

We have the night of the 9th on video and we will be sharing it soon!

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