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Maiden Voyage

Well we got back from our maiden voyage in our new trailer. We had an amazing time! Started off in Long Beach, Washington where Debbie went regularly as a child. It was so awesome to hear her stories about her dad going out on fishing trips while the kids played on the beach. And of course we hit up Marsh’s museum. We then hit up Camp Disappointment viewpoint and the Coast Guard station in Astoria, two places I have wanted to visit for a long time. Then down to Pacific City for a night. Up early, at 11 AM headed for Brookings. Had a great stay there with a couple of stops on the way. The one thing that kept hitting us both was a bit of sadness, all the businesses that were closed, all the people wearing masks even when they were alone on the beach, and the lack of human interaction. WOW AMERICA /let’s wake up! We can do this! We need to make a stand for what’s right. Finally we made it to Redding our final stop of the trip. I will share one of the reasons going into California was to go support Carlos Zapata and his mission RED WHITE AND BLUEPRINT. We were invited to the premiere showing of the YouTube video, which was an honor. It felt so great to be with so many Americans standing for what’s right. From media to state representatives, everyone that was there was proud to be an American. God bless America. Please watch and follow as I truly believe it is missions like ourselves OUR HOUSE and RED WHITE AND BLUEPRINT that are going to gain momentum to effectively make a change for the good. As you will see on the sleeve of the shirts that we will show you in the next blog and the hats we are coming out with it will always say UWS which stands for. UNITED WE STAND. Like we have shared previously the silent majority can no longer be silent.

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