My termination....

Well I am probably going against the advice of legal counsel, but I told you I would keep you updated and I will until the end. I can't share about the night of Feb 9th yet, but we took a video and in the future I will share it.

Pictured is my letter of discharge. I am going to dissect it a little and share the truth with you. Also anything I dispute in this letter I have documented proof of that I will share when I can.

Here we go...

#1 I have only shared about the rally on Jan. 6th with people who asked and recognized me. I shared to tell them that I helped against the destruction and did not contribute. Only to diffuse any negative gossip.

#2 What really happened was after I was arrested, booked, and released on the evening of Feb. 4th. At 12:45 pm, on the 5th I received first a phone call from the union shop steward, I didn't answer the call but he left a message requesting I attend a zoom at 1:00 with my supervisor, Human Resources, and himself as a witness. He then text me the zoom invite which I declined because of who was in the zoom. I could guess what the company wanted. Later I reached out to the shop steward and asked what the zoom was about. Exact words. "They want you to retire." In the last 2 years, my supervisor has asked many times what it would take for the senior drivers to retire, myself included. (maybe harassment) I am more expensive with 26 years, no disciplinary action and a total of 7 weeks of vacation. I told them I would retire tomorrow if I got medical. Superviser told me they had no problem with that but the union would stop it. So hence, I work for another 5 years until my wife would be eligible for medicare. When they reached out to me I told them exactly the same thing. No more no less. I said they could call it whatever to get around the union (severance, bonus, etc.) if they wanted me gone. I also said I would speak no ill about Daimler as I was being forced out. I did share that I need to know what they decide because I would be contacting the media when legal is ready. I did not try to leverage anything at all. Just tried to be congenial. I also told them that if they didn't want my name associated with Daimler they could figure out the amount to give me as a check so as not to keep me on the books for medical. I would have shared nothing with anyone. During this time I tried contacting both shop stewards, supervisor, HR and the union. No one would respond in any way for 3 days. On the morning of the 10th I got a call from HR telling me I was terminated and would be receiving a letter and final paycheck. Why was I not contacted in the 3 days prior to receiving my termination? Nothing from Daimler, nothing from shop stewards, nothing from the union. Isn’t this the union and shop stewards job and obligation?

This letter is so full of deceit and lies it makes me sick. They tried to bully and intimidate me into retiring. When that didn't work they lowered their standards to this and to tell you the truth I am now thinking, do I want my job back or am I concerned of how they will attack me next with absolutely no support from the union.

Again I will share ALL when able.

DTNA - vs- American Patriot

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