Hey there, Hope everyone is having a great day. We just wanted to share with you all that we have started building/wearing T-shirts and hats are on their way. I will share that Debbie expressed a question if this was the wisest way to spend one of my first pension checks which hasn’t even come yet that is also greatly reduced because of me not being able to finish my career. I definitely understand her concern but feel very comfortable doing this as I believe it will help share the story in a positive way. We the people, and it is our house. That being said the logo that will go on all of our shirts hats or whatever comes in the future will always have OUR HOUSE on it. On the right sleeve will be an American flag and on the left sleeve will be UWS which stands for UNITED WE STAND. The first shirt we came out with is the Capitol with OUR HOUSE under it. This is truly where it started and if you look at the very top of the capitol it says what we stand for, FREEDOM. You will never see anything angry, hateful or negative on our shirts. But what you will see is the truth. Something the media is scared to or won’t share along with the current administration. So that being said our second shirt shares something else that is very close to my heart right now, on the back it has corporate vs America. And I understood that before but now after what has happened I really really understand it and how true it is. The front has just a small Our House logo on the upper left side but I will share that it will eventually have something with the corporation that was so willing to wad me up and throw me away like a piece of garbage. Daimler/Freightliner and if you haven’t figured out by now I am not going to quit. I will say one of our trademark missions is to be grilling burgers for any and all at a huge park near the Capitol someday. Because unlike the left our mission is to draw together not divide

because remember “One Nation Under God''with liberty and justice for all. For all of those who lash out at me in anger please reread that it says for ALL so my flight is for you as much as it is for me. Anyway one of the things that is lacking for the media and a lot of our country is accountability. That’s exactly why I’m going through the federal court system right now, because of accountability. You will never hear me cry about my situation that I put myself into but what you will hear is a proud American patriot that loves God. Also blessed by my over the top amazing family and this amazing beautiful sacred Country that the world looks up to. However, for some reason so many who claim to be Americans are fake. We will not give up our standards, we will not give up our rights, and we definitely will not give up our constitution. We will not give up our country. If you think that sounds angry then read the creed/pledge I took to protect against both foreign and domestic. No anger, just conviction. Off and running for the good of us. Have a wonderful day. And it is not we can do this, it is now we are going to do this. We will not take no. We will win, our country will win and our forefathers will be thankful along with all the veterans, patriots, good Americans who truly stand for what this country is, AMERICA. “AMERICA OR BUST”

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