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Happy 4th of July!

I want to start off with 100% appreciation and thanks for all the support, prayers, sharing and everything. So much has been going on. My next zoom court appearance in DC is August 3 and still have received NO discovery. I’ve reached out to David many times. Approximately three weeks ago he told me he was going to forward the discovery to me and asked if I wanted a thumb drive or disk. I told him a disk would be great. Approximately four days ago I sent another email asking, where is my discovery. He returned my email stating that the judge signed a protective order on the 19th as soon as he gets it he will forward it. That is really weird because the conversation on the phone sure sounded like he already had it and was going to give it to me??? So I will let you know when I get my golden disk LOL. I have done two interviews since my last blog and one of them was with Raw radio. I am so thankful I taped the whole interview because I was able to share what a left liar he was and he is. Weak weak weak. The next interview was yesterday by Jake from Behind Enemy Lines. It was amazing and I am so thankful he was able to come to my home so I could share. I look forward to working for the betterment of America with him in the future. I believe you can see both interviews on our Facebook page. I hope everyone has been able to see our YouTube platform and I share nothing but the truth with a strong conviction for our constitution, our country, our flag and God. From the left trying to take away our flag, calling it racist, an Olympic trials athlete turning her back on the flag (she should not be allowed to represent the United States of America) and the pathetic stance she has I will not even mention her name. There is video out exposing the FBI and capitol not only letting people into the capitol after the FBI had removed the window, the capitol police who said they were being attacked was told to retreat. Look at the video no one is even close to them. WAKE UP AMERICA. YouTube “investigate Bob Powell ep# 06 false Jan 6th. Please watch this. It is also very interesting how founder of Oath Keepers Elmer Stuart Rhodes has not been indicted for January 6. Many of the Oath Keepers members have?? Is Stuart Rhodes working with the FBI/capitol police or any other military organization to be part of the rally which they coin an insurrection. Where is Pelosi‘s laptop that was removed?? What was on it?? So really what was January 6 all about?? This critical race theory is communism being injected into our schools and it is wrong wrong wrong. America is the land of the free, home of the brave. We truly need to stand up for the rights of our children and grandkids. They do not need to learn about gender identity at such a young age or critical race theory as children are not born with these values or ideas, they are injected by the sick left who want to turn this country into a pathetic Third World country. Stand up America. Let us rally together and start a coalition fighting back against all the BS because it is OUR HOUSE/UNITED WE STAND . God bless America. Pete Buttigieg secretary of transportation went as far as claiming are roadways/highways and interstates are racist. What a joke. Is it because asphalt is black and concrete is white? LOL how much of this remedial ignorant thinking are we going to accept. So there’s where we are going “” is an online store with both Jeff and Jeremy Grace as founders that will represent America with hats, shirts, sweatshirts, decals and more in the works. This has turned into a passion that will be lifelong and driven by God. UNITED WE STAND. We take the pledge very honorably and much thanks to our great America. We thank you again for all your support and look forward to continued support. Don’t ever forget it is OUR HOUSE

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