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Well zoom arraignment today was postponed. It was pretty last minute that they even let me know. One of the attorneys in DC that is helping called me yesterday and told me he had some interesting news. They have pulled my case away from one level of judges and bumped it up to the next level. Hmmmm????? I have to say it did put a lump in my throat and pucker factor of 9! :-). Then I got this message from him last night. (see pic) So I guess it is a good thing….. Also as the DC requirements are settling into a routine, the lady I make my weekly check-in calls to is starting to visit with me. I told her I would love to buy her a cup of coffee or lunch when I am in DC. She chuckled and said don’t forget you’re not allowed in DC right now. As a matter of fact you’re not allowed to leave the state of Washington. Oh yeah…

Anyways, I have been enjoying this beautiful weather. Sure the heck can’t watch the news as it literally is sickening to see what is going on and accepted or maybe worse yet…. excepted.

Going to spend a little bit more time on the Daimler issue as I am watching all these other corporations feel/believe they are so entitled to control our political arena. Most of them are so two-faced and greedy that they are willing to embrace China, the left, extremists and anyone else that has an agenda that is for lack of better term NOT NORMAL/ NOT AMERICAN/NOT GOOD FOR THE PEOPLE. When the heck will people wake up and figure out the harder you work, the luckier you get, if you need a helping hand look at the end of your arm. Sorry losers/lazy, you will have to work in AMERICA to thrive. Or you can continue to be a parasite and try to pull our country down to a level that is not acceptable for AMERICA and what it stands for. People like President Trump or any other self-made millionaire are examples of how amazing this country is and that anything is possible. If you want a free ride go to Canada. Quit complaining about America as you climb in your warm bed at night. If you like socialism there are many many countries that embrace it and you are free to go there. As a matter of fact, I would be willing to give you a ride to the airport. I can’t afford to pitch in for your ticket because I have been fired for being an American.

Have a great weekend everybody. I will let you know what I hear when I hear it. Once again thank you all and it is “OUR HOUSE”

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