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Good afternoon, just wanted to share as I have done on YouTube, blog, and all that I/we made the reflector today. I had made it back in February when I got arrested. My case is old and stale and I cannot even get them to give me a court date….. pretty serious outlaw I am. Right? At my last zoom court appearance my attorney told me he would contact me within a week to 10 days. That was almost a month ago and I’ve heard NOTHING! They told me my next court appearance would be in June. Guess what it’s June and still haven’t heard a thing. I have sent two emails to my attorney requesting all the discovery in my case so I can share it with everyone and something they never put in the news is how we so respectfully picked things up in the capitol. The pictures they seem to show in the news and media over and over are always to tear someone apart morally, socially and ethically. Would love to see some pictures or photos of us helping out, getting thanked by the capitol police etc. Cannot wait to share the video of myself because it will be humorous that they are attempting prison first of all for a misdemeanor but second of all for an honorable

American. And actually is there a misdemeanor when a capitol policeman says come in peacefully protest??? Or should charges be dropped and they pay me for every bit of pay that I have for gone because I lost my job of 26 years. And I really find it funny how they just now arrest my son??? They have had all the information from my phone since the day I was arrested and actually I did not volunteer my phone they had a search warrant for it. So is it because I am sharing so much or is it because I yelled God bless America inside the rotunda.

Almost makes me feel like they are trying to make me be quiet which will not happen. I have contacted both new stations and the people who interviewed me and requested they come back. Neither one of them will return my emails. OK why not? And Kyle Iboshi channel KGB I mean KGW 8 you recently called me a liar on the news. Back at you brother! I am calling you a liar, as you did not do what you told me you would do, you did not represent me fairly on the channel. But maybe that’s OK for news/media people to do. So come back out here and let’s do a live shot or do you not have enough confidence in your weak/left agenda?? Anyways that’s all I can say right now is …. REALLY???

Hope you have a superduper great day! Looks like it will be hotter than the dickens out there again today. God bless all and please don’t ever forget it is OUR HOUSE!

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