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Say No More...

Good afternoon, I just wanted to let everyone know that I was advised to say no more until after April 15th, my next court date. I asked what about all this stuff that is going on that is so controversial and wrong. Number One when did professional athletes become politicians, judges and executioners to the point of boycotting a state. Really? Then airlines like Delta and others, Coca-Cola, and several other corporations feel it is their duty to inject and support the liberal/left anti-America agenda. Then your president goes so far as to reference the new voting regulations in Georgia with Jim Crow???? Where in the heck did that come from?? The no police zones are proving exactly what over 90% of America knew would happen, Hello Crime up 392%. Anyway I told him yeah I can do that…. So I will be back on the 15th to share. Hope everyone has an amazing blessed week coming up. Once again thanks to all. Because it truly is OUR HOUSE!

PS... I didn't mention the unbelievable circus we have down at the border. Ok another day.

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