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Shout out to the father's and the PATRIOTS!

Good morning everyone, first of all I want to give a super special shout out to all the fathers out there. I hope you had a super great Father’s Day. Probably the most rewarding job there is for a man. I know, truly one of my favorite parts of my life. HAPPY FATHERS DAY. I was overwhelmed with all the gifts and cards and thoughts and prayers. Probably the most blessed old guy out there :-). And I bet every father feels the same. Anyway, I'm going to give you guys an update on what has been going on with me, my case and OUR HOUSE. I took a trip down to California to attend an event that I was invited to by OreoExpress founders Jason and Josh. On the way down to California Stop Hate founder David Summerall reached out to me and WOW another blessing. So I look forward to growing and going with David. Anyway, back to the California trip. The event was a birthday party for President Trump on Flag Day. Was amazin! I had planned on going down there for 3 to 4 days and ended up being down there for 7. It was so amazing to be with so many like-minded, heartfelt, kind, patriotic Americans like myself. Yes yes yes I said I was in California. Started out in Fresno, went to Bass Lake for the event then on to Hanford California and giddyup go back to the great Northwest. While Americans were rallying to convoy up to Bass Lake I was honored to be introduced to another amazing organization called AmericanPatriots, Marti Cook and everyone I met who was part of American patriots was awesome, amazing, driven Americans that I look forward to my relationship growing with not only them but every one of the people I’m going to mention. The common factor seems to be Americans. Remember that UNITED WE STAND. Not race, not color, Not gender, not political, not religious,... how about WE THE PEOPLE. So after the amazing patriotic event at Bass Lake where I met a gentleman who asked if I would be interested in doing an interview after he had read a bit about me/us and us IS you guys. His name was Guillermo Moreno who does a show on AM1550 KXEX Fresno California. I was able to meet him at the studio within a couple of days and you can see that interview. I believe it is on Facebook and I know it is on his platform. I also did an interview with OreoExpress’ Jason. I have to say he is probably one of the brightest, heartfelt, American patriots who I truly look forward to our relationship growing. And nope he didn’t pay me to say that LOL. When we were done with the interview he called a friend of his who then reached out to me and asked if I would be willing to do an interview with him. Todd Cotta, Rebel Radio was kind enough to share his platform with me and let me share mine with him. Once again just another brother in the UNITED WE STAND. A 21 year retired law-enforcement, owner of a gun shop and range and very generous not only with his paying for my room, lunch, etc but with his time, his platform and his heart. I did have a zoom court hearing while I was down there and an attorney in DC, who I shared in my last YouTube I have gained respect for, told me I would be receiving my discovery soon. Something I have asked for for a long long time. Anxious to see what they see :-). There definitely are some stipulations to me receiving it which I will share about later. Some are kind of crazy and scary :-). Anyway just wanted to keep you guys updated so please remember to follow and support Stop Hate David Summerall. Rebel radio Todd Cotta. KXEX 1550 Guillermo Moreno. American patriots Marti Cook. OreoExpress Jason and Josh. God bless America! God bless you! I am loving where this is going, thank you guys.

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