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Sick to my Stomach!


Good morning, I’m going to start this blog out with a story that made me literally sick to my stomach. The San Francisco gay choir sing a song which I saw on TV. The tune was catchy and geared towards young people but the message was sick beyond belief. They were telling parents how they were going to change their kids' thinking and do it in front of the parents face. How is the mainstream media OK with this? If they want to be gay that is fine but to tell people they’re going to change their children’s views on gender sexuality etc. is not OK! Check it out on Google. And that goes along with so much of what the lousy left is vaccinating us with. It is called vaccination deceit/lies. It goes against America and what America stands for. They keep pushing at unbelievably fast pace. They are trying to change our thought process, the American voting process, they're trying to change our country. No, no, no, we are not going to let that happen. We will stand strong, we will stand united. God bless America. One of the biggest and most ugly attacks is on white. Whether it was Coca-Cola or one of the many other corporations that had a venue that we needed to be sorry for being white. Absolutely not. I am a proud American and I am white. I will never apologize for being white or feel bad for being white but what I do feel is sorry for anyone who tries to use that for an excuse in this country. History is history and that’s where it needs to stay. I truly believe if anything the prejudice is against white. I could share many examples whether it is Ebony magazine or American Negro College fund but this is not a tit for tat issue this is the woke left trying to divide us. They are trying to take our faith away, our freedom away, our flag away, our hearts away, American pride away. Left losers be very very careful as you’re pushing against the silent majority which is standing. I believe it would be a situation that would not end up well for the left, the Democrats, the liars and the losers. Everyone is lashing out, even the Native Americans are now complaining about the past and how ruthless we were. Well everyone looks at history and it shares that most countries had some pretty serious/severe battles for control whether it is Canada with the French, Europe or wherever. We go to war and one wins. End of story, we can pick any war or any country apart and as a matter of fact no other country picks itself apart like America is doing now. Let’s stop this nonsense because it is changing America and not for the better. I will be heading to the border in several different locations with behind enemy lines and will share all the videos and stories. Really probably one of the biggest issues is our border and it is being ignored ignored ignored. I hope you share some events that might shake up more people to stand. My attorney in DC told me the judge granted a protective order June 19 for my discovery. Still nothing David oh David where are you. Give me my discovery and my day in court. I hope all have a wonderful week and don’t ever forget it is OUR HOUSE . God bless America, God bless you

PS because of this amazing platform I have been blessed with, we are turning into an online patriotic apparel store that will build positive patriotic American attire. Please check it out at Thank you!

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