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Good morning,

I can’t thank everybody enough for the awesome response and support in purchasing “OUR HOUSE” shirts. I will say I was caught by surprise and when I ordered being new to this, I was conservative, with purchasing, like my political views. So I apologize if I didn’t or don't have the right size or color but I have already ordered quite a bit more. I appreciate your patience and I promise they are on the way. With that being said once again I cannot thank everyone enough for the overwhelming support in all ways. I had a really great meeting with an attorney this last week which gave me quite a bit more insight, more knowledge about how to be effective, productive, loud and all with as little collateral damage as possible LOL. I will share more in the future. As so many have supported me I would sure love to return the favor. If there is ever an event that anyone is supporting or anything close to your heart I would love to be a volunteer, supporter, etc. I have no problem traveling (as long as DC let’s me). I would love to support anyone or everyone in bringing our country back. I know it sounds overwhelming and as I have had many ask how am I going to be effective and once again the response is we are going to be effective. WE THE PEOPLE . United We Stand. That’s how. If anyone has an idea or would like to share an injustice please don’t hesitate to send an email to Our House as I truly would love to be a voice for AMERICA. If it’s warranted we will honestly share and keep any and all sources confidential. The bigger we get the further we go. And we will not go with anger,hate, lies, intimidation or any other form of control like the left and our current administration are using (including YOU Daimler) We will go with the truth, the constitution, our faith, our hearts and our passion for America. So as I am getting used to the blessing that has been given me (making what some have called negative a POSITIVE) I want to offer my assistance for anything good for the country if my schedule allows. Thanks again and have a super great weekend! And remember it truly is OUR HOUSE. And that statement is made with the greatest respect to America. It does represent America and what we stand for freedom. It does not need so many military around it, so many fences around it. That seems to take away from the freedom part. God bless all!

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