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Good afternoon, first of all I hope everyone is doing well and having a great week. Couple of updates for you I wanted to share. First, I am sure you have seen that we have taken the donations spot down. I cannot thank you all for the amazing generosity, kindness, support and all that I have received from all of you. We feel very comfortable that with God as my main attorney and the truth as my testimony everything is going fine. Once again please continue with the prayers and as my legal dilemma continues (still no discovery) I will continue to update you to everything as it comes to me. That being said I’m sure you have heard we have an online shop “OUR HOUSE USA”. We are releasing our third T-shirt today that will be both with me on my travels to Texas and Arizona, available online, and at Battle Ground harvest days. We appreciate your continued support as it is allowing me to be proactive for AMERICA . UNITED WE STAND. We will continue to grow and share all. Like I say proceeds from sales well embrace me being able to be proactive in different events, rallies and support wherever it is needed. Also to help legal fees for political prisoners still incarcerated. God bless America and yes it is OUR HOUSE🇺🇸

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