After not being allowed on property to retrieve my belongings, after being told "I was banned from the property," my belongings arrived from Daimler a week after my termination. I also received my final pay 8 days after termination, which they are actually required to pay me my final check on the day of termination. In looking at everything that has taken place- the lack of, no... non-existent support from the Union/Shop Stewards, and DTNA, my wife and I have decided it is time for me to retire. I will be 62 soon and I qualify for 80 and out with my 26 years of impeccable service with Daimler. I will also be able to draw from social security. Though I consider myself very blessed by this, I will share that these will be substantially lower than I expected. An added expense will be that I will have to pay for medical for my wife and myself until we are eligible for medicare. My plan had been to work for quite a few more years to be able to live our accustomed lifestyle. I am unsure of the changes we will face due to this. I will share that I am pursuing both Teamsters Local 81 and DTNA in the near future. Currently, however, I am just trying to get my head to stop spinning from all the negativity.

It is not ok what is happening with my case in DC, my career, but more importantly what is going on in our country. I will stand with American pride, for all the morals and values our God given country is meant to represent. I may not know politics but I do know what is right and I will honorably carry this message all the way to OUR HOUSE.

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