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What a weekend!!


Hey everyone, happy Sunday. I am having an absolutely amazing weekend. I came across this picture and thought I would be able to share my thoughts :-). How is the hand sign/gesture this law enforcement officer is flashing OK. Since I am being called a white Supremist/racist. Do I call him a black supremacist/racist??? How does this sound??? How is this OK??? Really people and once again I’m talking to the left, get real. What an absolute joke. But not quite as big of a joke as Fauci is. How the heck can anybody listen to that guy and believe anything that comes out of his mouth. He is so full of deceit and lies it is humorous. Like I said in my YouTube maybe the Enquirer would want to represent him and all the inquiring minds want to know. I will share yesterday was flag day and also President Trump's birthday. Was not a slip or an error. I said yes President Trump. Happy birthday President Trump. I was so blessed to be invited to a rally in Fresno California by a couple of organizations supporting our constitution, President Trump, freedom and all. It was absolutely amazing and I am so rejuvenated with all the amazing patriots I met and aligned with. Ended up rolling up to Bass lake with a bunch of God loving American patriots. The support for myself/OurHouseUSA was overwhelming and I will share Monday at 4 PM there will be an interview shared with a local news station down here. And today I am doing another interview for a patriotic organization named OreoExpress. I have also been in contact with a gentleman in Texas that is the lead of an amazing American God loving patriotic organization called STOPHATE @ that I am also aligning with. So hold on, it's growing! The cool part is it’s starting to grow like a wildfire. With Biden wanting to take women/mom out of giving birth, the new programs being indoctrinated into the public school system about race and all this other crap that the left is stuffing down our throats I am thankful for this wildfire. My attorney once again told me another lie when he said he will get back to me either Thursday or Friday. I still have not heard from him for my zoom on Tuesday morning. Go figure. DC or bust barbecue burgers at the park when they either drop my case or find me not guilty. God bless America God bless you and don’t ever forget it is OUR HOUSE.

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