Wow! Thank you!

Just wanted to share with all of our supporters and partners as we start this amazing journey that has been laid out before us by God to stand for our country, the constitution, and the truth how unbelievably and overwhelmingly supported we feel! Your prayers and words of support and encouragement have strengthened my resolve to accomplish our mission and goal of truly being able to say it is “our house” and the American voice does matter! Not allowed to share much now at the advice of my amazing attorney and team. Who you will all get to know as this progresses. I will say his heart is as passionate as mine. But he is a heck of a lot smarter than I. :) He is ready to stand with me, really with us, with overwhelming spirit. As I am driving to meet them, I just want to share with everyone that has contributed, offered words of support or said a prayer, it is truly an honor to carry the flag, so to say, on this unexpected but appreciated ride we are setting in motion. We are no longer and can no longer be the silent majority. We will persevere 100% for liberty and justice for all. Let’s do this! Our House!

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