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Plesk 12 License Key 11 garrwen




Join more than 26,000 Plesk customers who rely on the most trusted names in managed hosting. Plesk license key 11 Plesk license key 1 Plesk license key 1 Mar 4, 2020 Key number: licencekey.png. . Hi, According to this issue we should make first changes in the licensing system. How we can do that? for example I want to upgrade existing license to a Plesk edition one without exchange all domain base license. When I change the license number in the License Management I get an error that the number is already in use. Can someone give me a hand with this? Best regards Maroš Šindolka Customer Success Manager Plesk Mar 4, 2020 What is the easiest way to convert a Plesk 11 license to a license that is compatible with Plesk 12? Mar 4, 2020 Hi all, As of Plesk 11.9, you can no longer upgrade an existing license to a new license. If you use a license key number that is available in Plesk 12, you will need to get a new license key. We will now proceed with support of only current edition licenses. Mar 4, 2020 Hello, As Plesk version 12.0.6 has been released and Plesk UI Version 2019.2 has been released, Plesk server licenses have been adjusted to match with the new product versions and new license key numbers have been introduced. A full list of Plesk license key numbers and the corresponding license version can be found in the Licensing Overview section of the Plesk Admin Console under the License Management tool. If you have any questions regarding the license key numbers or licensing please contact us. Best regards, Sergey Nemanov Technical Support Engineer Plesk Mar 4, 2020 What does the "License key is not valid" error mean? Mar 4, 2020 Hi, Unfortunately, Plesk version 12 is not compatible with your license number. This license is assigned to the "Plesk 10.x/11.x and later" license type. If you need to migrate to the new Plesk, you will need to get a new license number. Mar 4, 2020 Hello, Your license key is no longer valid. In order to continue with Plesk 12, we need a new





Plesk 12 License Key 11 garrwen

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